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We Created Effias To Be Your Strategic Partner

We started Effias after spending almost 10 years helping to build one of the best known fashion e-commerce companies.  We faced the same challenges as our clients.  Unable to find a strategic partner we needed, we had to build a supply chain from scratch.  We learned many valuable lessons the hard way, through mistakes and wasted time and resources.  

We assembled a team that includes seasoned design, tech design, sourcing, finance, operations and production management professionals in the US and Vietnam.  We manufacture in our own facilities as well as our partners' facilities.  We endeavor to be the strategic partner you've been looking for.  We offer:

  • Small batch production 

  • Fast turn around for initial order and even quicker in season replenishment.  Maximize your full price sell through, improve margin and lower inventory risk

  • Full service concept to product support.  From tech design, sample, fitting to manufacturing, we are with you every step of the way, not just as a vendor but as a partner

  • Favorable costs compared products sourced in the US or manufactured in China

  • Ability to print custom designs onto a variety of fabric quickly

  • Large selection of sustainable fabric

  • Drop ship and logistical support at source if needed


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