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Superior Speed, Quality and Cost 

Many fashion companies believe small batch production is more costly and lower as larger manufacturers won't take the low MOQ orders.

Worry Not!

We invested the time and resources to create just the service you need.  Whether you are a designer who wants to produce a limited amount, a fashion company that wants large collection of products but in limited quantity but retain in season open-to-buy capacity, we can accommodate any scale.  


You will enjoy the same speed, quality at cost similar to much larger orders.  We leverage the latest technology in fabric printing, automated cutting and mature sewing operation in Vietnam to lower production cost and to reduce production cycle time.  

Fast Apparel Manufacturing: 


Our product turn around time is typically 18 - 22 days, after a tech pack is provided and fitting comments are received.   However, we have the ability to turn a concept into product within 21 days.  


We typically produce styles from 200 units and up.  If your need production runs below 200 units, we can offer the service at higher prices.  We support independent designers who need smaller MOQs.

Rapid in Season Replenishment:

We want to give our clients the ability to keep minimal amount of inventory they carry.  If a design proves to be popular, we can replenish within one week to allow more full price sell through and achieve higher margin.

Apparel On Demand:

Keep no inventory.  Your orders will be produced within days and drop shipped to your customers, as long as the designs are pre-approved.  

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