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We Are An Integral Part of Your Process

We work with you closely through every step of the design and production process.  


  • Part of Your Creative Process

    • We​ engage our clients early to help with the design process.    We build long term, not transactional, relationships.

  • Tech  Design 

    • Our US based team works closely with our clients to create tech packs and ensure our Vietnam based manufacturing facilities get the samples right the first time.

  • Custom Fabric Printing

    • We can transfer your custom designs​ onto different fabrics.  This greatly reduces the time needed to source fabrics from mills and speed up your design process.  

  • Fitting & Other Onsite Support

    • Our US team can attend product fittings in person or via video conference.   Our team can be an integral part of your design & buying process.  

  • Production Assistance

    • Our US and Vietnam based production teams monitor production process, update information and communicate shipment information.  We quality control every piece of apparel produced to reduce potential issues. 

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